In 1999, a team of tourism professionals got together in Rome and figured out a way to enhance the tour experience.

The communication challenges that existed between guides and tourists were many, whether in a crowded area where the guide could not project her voice, or inside of a church or museum where speaking loudly was simply not allowed. To solve these challenges, the founders combined both Italian creativity and international efficiency to create what we now know as the Whisper radio guide system.

The original radio guide system is composed of a transmitter with a microphone for the speaker and receivers with earphones for the listeners. 
The company now offers other communication solutions with other features.

The Whisper technology is engineered, developed, and produced in-house, and the company prides itself in continuously researching and improving their systems by involving industry professionals even from outside the organization. A lot has happened since 1999, as the radio systems are now used across many industries beyond tourism, and the company has continued to be innovators to keep up with client demands.
Whisper’s cutting-edge technology is so well-known that other systems in the industry are often known as Whispers.

With clients from over 40 countries and offices scattered throughout important destinations around the world, Whisper is committed to providing a high-quality product with exceptional customer service, while ensuring competitive pricing. Systems are available for rental, purchase, and long-term leases and can be customized on request.
The well-organized logistics centers, the ability to easily manufacture new products, and the carefully trained staff are some of the reasons the company has established long-term relationships. Clients include major tour operators, museums, event companies, universities, sports teams, and other important organizations around the world.

  • 900,000 utenti l'anno (per i servizi di noleggio)
  • 100,000 radio prodotte negli ultimi 5 anni.
  • Presenti in 12 paesi nel mondo (in crescita)
  • Attualmente presenti in 17 città nel mondo Clicca qui per scoprire tutte le locations
  • 14.000 gruppi turistici serviti ogni anno  (con Tour Operator Internazionali)
  • 40 membri dello staff in tutto il mondo

To provide effective communication solutions that enhance group experiences with leading technology and quality service.

Our rental service allows us to continuously use our systems for many years, and our in-house staff repairs unusable systems when possible. Our business practices ensure careful consideration of our environment,
while creating as little waste as possible in our daily operations.

Here is a list of some of our environmentally friendly practices:

  • We reuse backpacks and carrying cases that hold our radio systems for rentals
  • All our rental systems contain rechargeable lithium batteries 
  • We recycle earphones that are no longer usable and must be discarded
  • We recycle plastic bags and cardboard boxes used for packaging and shipping
  • We recycle unusable lithium batteries after they’ve lost their charge
  • We ship our systems with couriers that practice environmental sustainability

Whisper is always figuring out new ways to get involved and give back to organizations and causes that both enrich our society through education or provide opportunities for those less fortunate. By partnering with institutes, training centers, and other important events, we can both inspire individuals and enable them to excel in their fields through better communication.

Our staff is also involved with such organizations by volunteering their time as often as possible.
Here is a list of our corporate giving and volunteer involvement:
  • Sponsor and official provider for the International Tour Management Institute (, by gifting our radios systems for in-class training and off-site educational events. Additionally, we also contribute moneys towards their scholarship fund for students unable to pay tuition, through the ITMI Foundation.
  • Technical sponsor by offering two-way communication systems and assistance during WoW, a sailing expedition for people with disabilities ( 
  • Technical sponsor of paradressage athletes
  • Technical sponsor by offering two-way communication systems for Diversamente Disabili, a non-profit organization that encourages and trains disabled persons to take part in motorcycle sports (
  • Technical sponsor by offering two-way-communication for Scie di Passione, a ski school for the disabled  (
  • Technical sponsor of the FISE Lazio Regional Committee by offering WS mini SPORT communication system for the training modules of the instructors of the equestrian disciplines (
  • Technical sponsor by offering two-way communication systems and volunteers for ”Via le mani”, a rowing event in Rome to fight violence against women (    
  • Technical sponsor by offering two-way-communication for Snowsports Academy San Marino, a school of ski Teacher (    

Our high technology standards and our continuous research and development in the field make us leaders in the radio guide industry. 

At Whisper, we develop, manufacture and sell our systems exclusively in-house to ensure we not only maintain those standards, but also provide exceptional service throughout. Since the founding of our company, we have been busy upgrading our systems and innovating to offer our clients the latest and most up to date systems in the market.

From the original radio guide system, introduced in 1999, to our latest mini model, introduced in 2017, our engineers are always busy at work. Stay tuned for new technologies coming by end of year!
Our radios are designed and manufactured with the careful consideration of local laws and regulations to strive for clear and crisp sound, no interference with in-country frequencies, and local certifications wherever required.

For this reason, and because we manufacture our own radios, we are able to adapt the internal parts to adhere to country requirements. We have systems that use either UHF or 2.4 Ghz frequncy and respect ROHS, CE and FCC laws to reduce the environmental impact.
As we offer various systems within the Whisper brand, we welcome you to review technical specs for each system within the product page of our website .
Some of our features:

  • Patented technology
  • Multiple systems to choose from 
  • Rechargeable with lithium batteries 
  • Variety of carrying/charging cases 
  • Vasta gamma di valigie per la ricarica ed il trasporto
  • Personalization and customization available
  • Country-specific frequencies 
  • Variety of accessories (earphone, mics, lanyards, etc.)
  • Technical assistance 7 days a week for life of the product
  • 2-year warranty on purchases